triceydotnet World Cup 2022 Predictions Competition

About our Fund Raising

For the past few years we have been raising money for charity through Tricey Dot Net, by inviting you to pledge and donate based on a formula of a few pennies per point scored in the game. In our most successful season we collected over £1000 when you added in the Gift Aid from the contributions.

Mind Out   

When I watched my first World Cup in 1982 it opened my eyes. Learning about different cultures, nations, traditions through football, opened my mind as I watched people like me and unlike me play the same game. As ugly as the fan culture in Britain was at the time, it was the colour and passion on display in international tournaments which inspired my love of the game. I am proud of the England team when they take a stand for their values and on behalf of those pushed to the margins. The choice of Qatar as hosts seems to signal a step backward for the game I love, so this is one small act of defiance to push it forward again. I believe this sport, and this life, is for everyone to enjoy.

The life of a young person today is tough enough, with anxieties, peer pressure and fears for your future. Members of the young LGBTQ+ community experience all of this and risk social isolation, exclusion, discrimination and stigma. Public Health England published figures stating that 66% of LGBTQ+ young people self-harm at some point in their life and 44% have contemplated suicide. In an open and plural society like Britain's this shows we have a long way yet to go to truly embrace the freedom for people to love who they want to love.

MindOut are a Brighton-based charity who provide a mental health service run by and for the LGBTQ+ community. They have been operating for over 20 years and aim to improve mental health and wellbeing through a national helpline, available to all. They provide counselling, professional expertise, raise awareness, campaign for rights and create conversations about mental health issues.

If this is not the right choice of charity for you, I understand and respect that. Please consider instead a donation towards the excellent work of any of the following instead.
  • Human Rights Watch who identified many of the issues with migrant worker casualties in Qatar.
  • Amnesty International who campaign against injustice worldwide.
  • The Samaritans who support vulnerable people and are dedicated to suicide prevention.
  • Mind a mental health charity who provide support to people and campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding.

This is what your donation could do:
  • £15 supports someone in distress with an hour life-saving support.
  • £25 enables one person to access the MindOut counselling service.
  • £60 will give someone 4 hours of advocacy support.
Through JustGiving, your donations will be quickly processed and passed to MindOut. JustGiving will offer you the choice to cover any processing fees and will claim gift aid on a charity's behalf where the donor is eligible for this.

I built the site for two reasons, firstly because I like taking part in competitions like this with people like you, and secondly to raise money for good causes with the skills I have. I've given my time to develop this website freely, paying for all hosting and materials that I use to develop the site. I don't put adverts on the pages to make money either.

I hope you'll enjoy the game and give generously, even if that is just a small amount. In 2014 we raised over £950 during the World Cup. If we could boost the number of entries in spite of the shorter tournmanet, we'd easily reach my target to raise £500. Why not encourage friends and colleagues to participate in the competition to increase the fun and raise more money for a worthy cause.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page and for donating. Your support is hugely appreciated.

David Trice, November 2022