triceydotnet Womens Euros 2022 Predictions Competition

Football's Coming Home

Welcome back to the football predictions game where you gain points for the ups and the downs of an international tournament.

It's time for the Women's European Championships in England, as some of the finest non-American players in the World compete to be crowned European Champions.We are blessed with two major championships this year, and this promises to be a special tournament with the hosts playing well and tough competition from a number of leading nations.

Women's football has never been more popular in the UK, with a thriving Premier Legue, high profile players and huge sell out crowds for the host's games. Northern Ireland have qualified too, and the competition will be fierce even in the Group stages. Every match counts in our game, and if you want to have a chance of success in the final at Wembley, then you will also need to pick up points in Brentford, Sheffield and Milton Keynes.

You score points for predicting the results and scores of every game, as well as picking out the teams who will reach the knockout stages, the semi-finals and ultimately be crowned European Champions. The final feature is The Magnificent Eleven - fantasy football with a dark twist. You score points for the goals your strikers and attacking midfielders score but also clean up for goals conceded by defenders and poor discipline from defensive midfielders and of course fatal penalty misses in the inevitable shootouts in the later stages.

I have been organising these games since 1994 raising money for charity. Thanks to the generosity of previous supporters we have raised hundreds of pounds at each tournament. You can help us to succeed in raising more by persuading your friends and colleagues to sign up and join in.

Whilst the tournament is a celebration of women, I could not walk by the many prominent and tragic incidents of violence against women, some of which include top sportsmen. We will be supporting one charity this tournament, Beyond Equality, a charity in the UK who work with men and boys in schools, universities and workplaces to prevent gender based violence and to create communities which are safe for everyone.Find out more about our chosen charity and it's work here.

Please sign up, invite your friends, give generously, and enjoy the competition!